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23 January 2020 @ 09:47 am


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29 November 2010 @ 10:00 pm

this post was originally planned by me and turtle_aya  3 months ago i think. but due to my RL issues, my laziness and the lack of inspiration to do this, it got delayed.. rather it is long overdue. Sorry Aya.. i truly am.. so here i am now, fulfilling my promise (albeit so late) to what we have originally planned.  ILU my junno to our Jinno. ♥

Friendship is precious. among KAT-TUN members, aside from NakaNishi's friendship (which i find so awesome), i find JinNo's friendship so precious and just so adorkable.

Anyway, the posting of this picspam got delayed again, as turtle_aya decided it'll be great if this is to be posted in time for Junno's Birthday... and since it's the time of the year... JINNO PICSPAM STARTO!

one massive jinno spam...Collapse )

jinno gifs galore..Collapse )

hope u guys enjoyed it... forgive the simplicity and crappiness of the post. but then, sreading Jinno love is always a pleasure. 8Dv

credit post for pics here  ... and for the rest, idk where i got them, but if its yours, please do tell me so i could credit you.

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