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Brooke Dee here. A girl, who just wants to be happy. Happy things make me happy. Sad things make me sad. Weird stuffs sometimes amazes me or creeps me out. I’m not twisted or anything, I’m just weird like that. Hmm what else, I’m quite stubborn but that’s me so i guess you have to deal with that. I love music. Music is life. ♥

I'm very much Akanishi Jin biased. 'Coz he owns my heart and soul.


And I love 6人KAT-TUN because they rock my world.

-- and there's also Arashi, Kanjani8 and NEWS.

-- not to mention KIM HYUN JOONG of SS501, G-Dragon, TOP, Bigbang, 2NE1.


I'm crazy and hyper and i spazz, rant and ramble on a daily basis. LOL

This LJ is just simply bout me and my fandom.

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"Certainly right there, as many smiles as the tears you've shed are waiting for you... Believe in yourself."
-- Care by Akanishi Jin